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Amend Tax Return – Form 1040X

It is possible for taxpayers to amend tax return problems on Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ with the IRS Form called 1040x. This amendment form is not used for errors in addition or subtraction because the government will fix those errors for the taxpayer as they find them. Instead, taxpayers amend tax return problems related to additional tax credits or other income information with Form 1040x.

IRS Form 1040x can be used to amend tax return income or deduction information.

The IRS Form 1040x is very easy to fill out when additional income information or tax credit information is learned and taxpayers must go back to correct past taxes. The government allows most taxpayers up to 3 years from the filing date in time to go back to amend tax return errors. This time allowed to fix previously filed income tax forms can be used to find more tax credits to use to apply for refunds.

One of the most common refundable tax return credits that taxpayers miss filing for the first time is called the Earned Income Tax Credit. This credit that can be used for a refund is worth thousands of dollars to some households with children. Every taxpayer should explore the possibility that the EITC is a refund that they can apply for via a Form 1040x to amend tax return errors.

When filling out a Form 1040x, taxpayers should be sure to get the right tax year date at the top of the paperwork on page number one. All supplemental forms or information that must be submitted along with the Form 1040x can be attached to the form with a staple or paperclip. Form 1040x can be used to amend tax return forms that were filed through any electronic filing services.

This amendment procedure with Form 1040x should not be used for any additional refund requests if there is already a request made to the IRS for a refund. The first refund check should be received before the taxpayer amends their current tax year forms to request additional refunds so that the paperwork does not become complicated or confusing for the IRS officials to understand.