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ControlScan Certifies Free 1040 Tax INC As A Safe Shopping Site

As a measure to increase privacy and security and in an effort to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information, we have subscribed to ControlScan’s security certification program. ControlScan conducts security tests and audits and certifies this site’s security.

The following are a breakdown of the ControlScan certifications and what they mean to you as a consumer:

Verified Secure Certificated

ControlScan’s Verified Secure Certification means that the certified site is:

  • Tested for thousands of Internet Security Vulnerabilities and updated to the FBI/SANS TOP 20 list of vulnerabilities
  • Notified immediately of any new vulnerabilities that may arise.
  • Secure from the most recent hacking attacks.
  • Actively securing your sensitive information and credit card details.
  • Is being scanned for the PCI Compliance Vulnerability Scan standard as mandated by the payment card industry.

ID Theft Protected Certification

ControlScan’s ID Theft Protected Certification means that the certified site is:

  • Securing your credit card data in a safe and locked environment
  • Securely disposing your personal data when it is no longer needed
  • Securing their network by using antivirus and spyware programs to prevent malicious data attacks
  • Training their staff on the importance of not divulging personal data to unauthorized parties

Privacy Protected Certification

ControlScan’s Privacy Certification means that the certified site’s privacy policy:

  • Informs customers of what personal information is collected and how it is used
  • Offers customers an Opt-in or Opt-out option
  • Posts contact information
  • Provides customer access to personal information gathered
  • Explains e-mail usage options
  • Explains cookie usage
  • Informs customers of third party or special relationship issues
  • Discloses all other information

Business Background Reviewed Certification Seal

The ControlScan Business Background Reviewed Certification means the certified site is a valid and legitimate business with ethical business standards.

To obtain the Business Background Reviewed Certification by ControlScan, businesses must pass a detailed business background check that includes:

  • Verification of Business Address and Location
  • Verification of Business Registrations
  • Search for Possible Bankruptcies
  • Search for Possible Liens/Judgments
  • Internet Domain Names Registered to the Business
  • Business registrations and location have been verified by using third party sources to confirm the information posted on the business website is correct and valid.

About ControlScan

ControlScan provides third party verification and services to identify, measure and prioritize security, privacy, quality, accessibility and compliance risks that exist on corporate Web properties. ControlScan solutions provide the vulnerability scan and assessments, visibility and control necessary to evaluate a company’s Web property risk exposure, and to put processes and procedures in place to effectively implement online governance strategies. ControlScan is certified by the Payment Card Industry as an authorized PCI Compliance scan vendor.