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Free Tax Calculator

Free Tax Calculator

Why be surprised by your taxes?

Estimate how big your refund will be.  Estimate if you’ll owe money to the IRS.

The Tax Calculator is quick, completely confidential and best of all it’s FREE

Estimate My Taxes Now

The FREE Tax Calculator is easy to use.  Just answer a few questions about your estimated (or actual) income, dependents, deductions and tax credits.  The FREE Tax Calculator does the rest.  It gives you an estimate of your tax refund or taxes due.

New Job? Marriage? Kids? Estimate How These Will Affect Your Taxes.

Why wonder how a change in your financial situation will affect your taxes. The FREE Tax Calculator will estimate the effect on your taxes from changes in your income from a new job or promotion.  Determine how events such as marriage or children might change your taxes.  Buying a new home? Estimate the impact that the mortgage interest will make on your taxes.

To get started you will need to have the following information available:

  • Your estimated or actual income – including salary, pension distributions, unemployment insurance, dividends and capital gains
  • Your actual or estimated tax withheld (either from your paychecks or paid to the IRS directly)
  • Estimated deductions, such as child care expenses, tuition, property taxes, mortgage interest expense, and IRAs
  • Estimated tax credits

There is no need to be surprised by your taxes.  Use the convenient, FREE Tax Calculator to estimate your taxes now.