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Income Tax Return Help to Avoid Tax Return Red Flags

Of the millions of tax returns processed each year in the United States by the federal government’s Internal Revenue Service there is a certain percentage of these personal filings that have errors present. Depending on the severity of the error, processing of the tax return will stop while other errors will result in a reduction of the return until the error can be resolved. The other thing that errors cause are red flags. Either too many red flags or the severity of the types of red flags a return could be targeted for an IRS audit.

In order to reduce the risk of raising any red flags with the IRS it is a good idea to make use of this site’s free income tax return online help guide found in our FAQ’s. Often, reading through a few simple filing tips can mean the difference between getting your refund back quickly, having to wait months for a return, or worse yet – getting a IRS audit letter in the mail.

One of the quickest things you can do is to make sure that all of the required information is present in the appropriate boxes where it belongs. The IRS reports that a large percentage of tax filers mess up their return by simply omitting their Social Security numbers either for themselves, their spouse or their dependent children that they claim. Another big mistake is forgetting to add your or your spouse’s signature to the form.

Beyond these simple mistakes, other mistakes that can be avoided can be a bit more complex, but crucial to avoiding if you are looking to stay away from any IRS tax return red flags. Miscalculating is a big one and bad math is a real problem. Since the IRS processes paper returns by hand, they have to correct math errors for you. This is why those seeking income tax return help often need assistance in the first place – struggles with math are very common. By using the efile solution you can eliminate these problems, but a professional tax expert can help you, as well. Failure to report all income sources can land you in some hot water, so remember it is not only your W-2’s that you want to include. Any income you earn, whether through full or part time employment or even self employment or contract work, needs to be reported on your return. Audits are the result of unreported income mistakes, so be very careful with this part.