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Self Select Pin

What is the Self Select Pin? It is a digital signature on file with the IRS. If you use a self-select pin when you e-file your tax return, it eliminates the need for you (and your spouse if you’re filling a joint return) to sign your tax return. Filing your tax return becomes a completely paperless transaction.

You get your Self Select Pin when you e-file your tax return:

  • You simply choose a 5 digit number as your pin (one for you and if married and filing a joint return , one for your spouse)
  • The pin can be any five numbers except all zeros.
  • You will need to submit the Date of Birth information (for both you and if married and filing jointly, for your spouse as well)
  • You will also need to submit your Prior year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) number from your prior year’s tax return or your prior year’s self select pin number.

The last 2 pieces of information must match the IRS records exactly. If they don’t match exactly, then your income tax return will be rejected. This is one of the most common reasons for a tax return being rejected by the IRS.

What if you want to use this service, but don’t have either your prior year Adjusted Gross Income or prior year Self Select Pin number?

You can obtain that information by calling the IRS 800-829-1040 or by sending them Form 4506, Request for Copy of Transcript of Tax Form, to get a free return transcript of your account. It may take 7 to 10 days to receive a copy of the return transcript.

Taxpayers are not eligible to file a paperless return with a Self Select Pin if one of the following applies:

  • Taxpayers with Citizenship Code C (in the country legally but do not possess a valid Green Card, not allowed to work);
  • Taxpayers with Citizenship Code D (reside outside the country and are not entitled to Earned Income Credit (EIC), but are receiving federally funded benefits, not allowed to work);
  • Taxpayers who are deceased; or
  • Taxpayers required to submit forms or schedules that cannot be accepted electronically.
  • This process replaces the use of the e-file Customer Number (ECN) that was used previously in the PIN pilots.